Filtron Cold Brewer

Filtron Cold Brewer


Make perfect cold brew at home. Seriously caffeinated and super delicious.

Takes 12-24 hours

Makes 32 oz of concentrate


Free bag of Holler Mountain with purchase of Filtron

(Limit one per customer)

Syrupy and sweet cup with reduced acidity.

We love the Filtron because it’s easy to use, consistent and makes a big batch of cold brew concentrate. The initial brew takes 12-24 hours, but you’ll be energetically thanking yourself for it later.

  • Includes coffee / water bowl, rubber stopper, grounds guard, measuring cup, decanter, sample paper liner, wool filter pad
  • Concentrate lasts up to 2 weeks refrigerated and sealed
  • You can adjust your brew by adding more or less water to taste
  • Great with French Roast, Hair Bender or House Blend