Jul 14, 2020

Over the past month, we at Stumptown have challenged ourselves to chart a sustainable course towards a more inclusive brand and workplace, prioritizing centering and elevating the experience of BIPOC employees and community members, past and present. This has included conversations at all levels of the business, including small group discussions, anonymous feedback, BIPOC-only discussion spaces, and actively soliciting feedback from former employees. Although these are just the beginning steps, we feel confident that we can work together to build a Stumptown where all employees feel seen, safe, and valued, and where community members feel welcomed and see themselves reflected.

We have identified three key impact areas where significant changes are needed:

- People practices -- how we recruit, hire, train, manage, and promote Stumptown employees
- Marketing and brand initiatives -- how we show and tell brand stories, and whose faces and voices we include in those narratives
- Transparency -- reporting both internally and externally on our business practices & progress metrics

With the understanding that we are not experts in this sphere, our first major step is partnering with an outside Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion specialist to audit our current practices across departments and consult on how we implement the structural changes that are necessary. We are actively vetting consultants right now, and plan to have someone in place by the end of July.

People Practices
- We will roll out training and education on implicit bias for all Stumptown staff by the end of 2020, starting with leadership and people managers.
- We will audit all existing people policies through the lens of equity, and make changes where we identify problem areas.
- We will revise our hiring and interviewing processes to ensure that our hiring managers are equipped and expected to make hiring decisions rooted in building equity.
- We will continue to listen to past and present employees’ needs and experiences, including: encouraging direct employee feedback through our open door policy to all Stumptown leadership, 1:1 conversations as needed and comfortable, regular anonymous feedback surveys, and quarterly small group roundtables for sharing ideas and providing feedback.
- We will establish an employee advisory committee by the end of 2020, to include representation from all departments and levels of the organization and centering BIPOC voices, to provide feedback on the employee experience at Stumptown and on our culture, using equity and belonging as a guiding lens.

Brand & Marketing:
- We will prioritize highlighting BIPOC-owned wholesale partners and vendor relationships on Stumptown’s social media platforms.
- We will prioritize BIPOC creators and brand partners when choosing how to spend our marketing and sponsorship budget.

- We will publish an annual transparency report which will cover DEI initiatives, supply chain insights, environmental sustainability, and community impacts.
- We will include statistics on BIPoC representation and gender diversity across the company, including in leadership positions and across markets; reporting on anti-racism initiatives; and charitable giving efforts.

We will plan on issuing another update on these efforts in three months’ time. Thank you for your continued support as we forge ahead.

If you have anything to share about your experience with Stumptown as a customer, employee, or community member, we’ve created a form for anonymous feedback.