Fall Cold Brew Soda Lineup

Sep 15, 2016

Starting October 1st, we'll be rolling out the newest additions to our Cold Brew soda lineup. We've paired up our nitrogenated Hair Bender cold shot (think espresso, cold brew style), with custom syrups from our friends at Commissary PDX.

We say goodbye to our summer favorites, the Endless Summer and Duane Sorenson. But, we're keeping it in the family. Meet The Salty Henry and The Tonty.


Our take on a salty dog, but with more Cold brew, less dog. A salted grapefruit soda with our nitrogenated Hair Bender cold shot.


The Tonty is a tribute to Tonya Sorenson's candy drawer at headquarters - a delight shared by all Stumptowners when needing a sweet treat with their afternoon cold brew. It consists of a complex, spicy chocolate syrup, the cold shot and is topped with bubbles.

If you're in Portland, you're in luck. In celebration of this year's Feast Portland, we will be offering an early taste of these drinks in all of our Portland Cafes starting September 15th. As participating members in this Feast Fab Collab project, a percentage of proceeds from this offering will to go Hunger-Free Oregon.