Field Notes: Colombia El Jordan

Jan 15, 2020

A few weeks ago, Shauna and Katy from our green coffee team were in Tolima, Colombia, visiting our longest standing direct trade partners in Colombia: the Jordan group. We purchase this coffee both as a single origin; it also shows up seasonally as a component of Hair Bender. This is their dispatch from that trip.

Though we heard reports of an exceptionally rainy season, on our drive to Planadas we were blessed with clear skies and shimmering sunlight to catch and illuminate the endless seas of green. We made our way to Rogelio Orozco's farm for our producer meeting.

Part of our commitment to this group is an annual visit to discuss harvest, business, and our next set of contracts together. As we made the rounds greeting one another, it became clear just how many producers were present - the biggest turnout of any meeting we've had. Several producers had traveled over three hours to get there. Every nook of the Orozco's porch, suspended over their farm and the breathtaking valley below, was packed with Jordan producers and their families.


We feasted on lechona, a traditional dish from the region - slow-roasted pig stuffed with rice and vegetables. Raul and Reinel served Chemexes of freshly roasted coffee from the land we all stood on. It was round and sweet, like a dark chocolate covered cherry. The generosity and sense of community here was profound. We talked about harvest, challenges, evolution, change. For many in the group, the last 10 years of business together has meant the ability to reinvest in their farms, buy more land, send their children to school. For others present, 2020 will be their first year delivering parchment for Stumptown.

We closed by giving each producer small tokens of our gratitude: certificates, mugs, pins, and the beautiful labels that bear this group's name. While purchase commitments at sustainable prices are the most important thing we can offer, the opportunity to speak face to face, and share updates and pieces of Stumptown, helps reinforce the foundation of this relationship. It is built on trust and mutual understanding between these three key parties: the producers, Caravela (ed. note: our export partners in Colombia), and us.