Holiday Coffee Pairing

Dec 18, 2017

M.F.K. Fisher is known for her lifelong love of food and drink, and considered eating and drinking well to be one of the great “arts of life.” A particular gal who had a deep fondness for the bonding ritual of imbibing, Fisher once said, “Good wine, well drunk, can lend majesty to the human spirit.” We would have to agree and suggest that good coffee sipped in great company, too, can lead to a spirited majesty all its own.

As for coffee, she preferred to make coffee with a Chemex and would only serve it to guests after an evening meal, “unless there is a beloved barbarian or a dietary eccentric at the table whose demands are worth being satisfied without cavil.”

We’re not as strict as Fisher when it comes to the how and when. For all the ‘beloved barbarians’ in the room (we’ll count ourselves in that camp), we’ve put together a coffee menu to float you through the holiday season at every turn. We can help with the perfect pie coffee and one that will give you a lift when you’ve been over-served. (Pro tip: You may want to avoid super bright coffees in the event of a holiday hangover.)


The Classic Holiday Table Coffee

With its elegantly lush texture and the sweetness of caramelized sugars and dried fruit, it’s as if Guatemala Finca El Injerto Pacamara was made for the holidays. Pairs beautifully with cobblers and pies, or leftover latkes for breakfast.

Best Gift Coffee

Slay Ride is a gift that won’t be regifted. This blend was created with the dark winter days in mind, tailored to raise the spirits of anyone imbibing. Comprised of two of our beloved and organic Ethiopians (Washed Process Suke Quto & Mordecofe), it’s our winter favorite with notes of candied citrus and black tea.

The Holiday Hero

Want to be the host with the most? After a decadent meal, serve up a little Holler Mountain to settle those rowdy guests of yours. Our famed blend is delicious on its own, and debatably even better with a little whiskey. For our friends in The Sun Belt, this makes an incredible cold brew too.

The Pumpkin Pie Partner

If you’re going the cream and sugar route, French Roast is your best bet. The smoky, sweet coffee is a perfect dessert pairing. If you like it black, Ethiopia Mordecofe is your champion. Bright and delicate, it pleases with jasmine, grapefruit and oolong tea notes that cut through the sweet and creamy richness of pumpkin pie. Make a full pot – you’ll want seconds.

Hangover Helper

After a night of boozing, you’ll want to avoid anything too bright the morning after. Our House Blend is comforting and chocolatey. Good-drinking all day long.

The Crowd Pleaser

Trapper Creek, our hearty decaf blend, will please the whole gang with notes of dried fruit and graham. We like it for crisp walks, mid-day meetings, and midnight-movies. Feeling low? Put on Die Hard and make yourself a Spanish Coffee with this one.

Winter Breakfast Warm-Up

This winter we’ve been flipping between two favorites for our morning warm up. For those extra sleepy days, Colombia Nariño Borderlands is dense and heavy bodied, perfect for shaking you out of dreamland. When we want to crawl back in bed with our mugs and binge watch Broad City, we gravitate towards Peru Timbuyacu, for its black cherry and dark chocolate vibes.

Best Gift for Your Host

Our Kenya Karimikui is just the one for a fine host. It's the perfect exchange for a fun party and is fine-suited for a dishes-are-done reward or a reflective cup to savor the morning after. A coffee like this doesn’t come along every day.

Something for Everyone

Avoid a fight by making spirits bright. The Blend Trio packs all of our signature blends in one box.

Holiday Cookie Pair

A plate of holiday cookies deserves a worthy counterpart. Ethiopia Duromina is a bombshell of a cup that boasts notes of blood orange and hibiscus, bringing the perfect balance to a plate of gingerbread cookies.

New Year’s Day Brunch

Whether you’re still a little sauced from the night before or just drunk on holiday cheer, our Guatemala Finca El Injerto Bourbon keeps the party going into the morning at your crew’s celebratory brunch. With notes of mandarin orange and milk chocolate, it plays well with mimosas, eggs benedict, and recounting embarrassing stories from the night before.

If you find yourself with a coffee emergency or in serious need of a break from the fam, our cafes will be open! Find our Holiday hours here.