Jacobsen Salt Co. & Stumptown Hair Bender Salt

Nov 13, 2017

Fall is the season of sharing meals and beverages with the people you love. Naturally we’ve been staying close in the neighborhood at Stumptown HQ, and spending more time with our neighbors on these chilly gray days. Just down the road from us is the busy Jacobsen Salt Co. warehouse, where they host tastings and beautiful dinners, and where our coffee hangs out as sustenance.

A series of what if’s and why not’s under wet umbrellas led us to our latest collaboration: Hairbender Coffee Salt, the perfect finisher on virtually any meal. Jacobsen took their local Netarts Bay salt and infused it with our Hairbender coffee and just the right amount of Cold Brew. Try it sprinkled on an affogato, on top of cookies, or on a platter of savory vegetables.

We gave our first jar to Brent, our Head Brewer and one of our best dudes, to see how he would mix Coffee Salt in to his next meal. The result was a sous-vide masterpiece of a steak featuring the warm spice of ancho chiles balanced with the smokey richness of our salt.

Follow his recipe below, to achieve a meal of equal greatness:

Active time: 30 minutes Full time: 2 hours and 30 minutes

Start pre-heating your sous vide to 139º F

Fry a whole ancho chile in a cast iron pan on medium heat until crispy (about 5 minutes on each side)

Liberally apply Hair Bender Salt to both sides of your steak (a steak with some good marbling is essential)

Finely chop your ancho chile and liberally apply to the steak

Toss rubbed steak in a freezer bag, gently lower it into the 139º water, and as the air in the bag is fully displaced, seal the bag and clip it to the edge of your pot with a clothespin or binderclip — whatever works. Make sure the steak is fully submerged

Brent says: You now have two hours to prepare sides and drink lots of beers. For this recipe I julienned a peeled russet potato, let them rest in a salt water bath, and fried in canola oil at 300º, seasoning them liberally with salt as they were pulled out of the oil (just watch the color and pull when golden brown).

Right before the two hour mark, get a well-seasoned cast iron pan smoking hot. Pull the steaks out of the sous vide and place them in the cast iron pan. If your cast iron pan isn’t well-seasoned pour a bit of oil in there to prevent the steaks from sticking. Sear on both sides and let them rest for about 10 minutes before slicing and serving. Finish with a bit more Hair Bender salt to taste.