Morning Jam: Jesse Marvin

Mar 10, 2020

Jesse Marvin is our incredible Construction Manager and is responsible for coordinating the intricate buildouts of our new cafes (See: Cobble Hill and DTLA). We asked him for his long drive to nowhere playlist and it does not disappoint. In his own words:

Love is the wind in my sails. Family is my bones. Friends are my flesh. Humor is my speech and how I want to connect with you -- and laugh until someone accidentally cuts a fart. Smoked chicken is my essence presence and I'm really into wolves and eagles. Nature is my house. Music is the wind. Art keeps my world spinning and I wish smoking cigarettes was good for you like eating salad.


Oldies, goodies, tearjerkers, shingle shakers, love makers, & chance takers: a listening collection of charged spiritual road music, smoother than creamy peanut butter and sweeter than honey. All designed to take you on the backroads to Slap Town.

[ed note: usually we'd post the track list here... you're just going to have to trust us and click through for this one]