Morning Ritual: Alison Carroll of Wonder Valley Olive Oil

Apr 10, 2020

Alison Carroll hails from one of our favorite corners of the universe, Joshua Tree, California, where she and her husband Jay co-own and operate Wonder Valley Olive Oil, an olive oil and skincare company with the simple, profound motto, "Grandeur in simplified living." Here's how she gets her high desert mornings started.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters: Hi Alison! How do you wake up? What time?
Alison Carroll: 7:10 am, I rise & shine in the high desert of Joshua Tree. Feed Lefty Boy the dog, drink a liter of water, take a handful of vitamins, stretch and meditate.

SCR: What’s your typical breakfast? Any recipe to share?
AC: Living remotely, I cook a lot so there’s always big batches of food ready to go in the fridge; could be bone broth, avocado + yuzu kasha, a soft boiled egg, some fruit - or some variation of a savory steel cut oat. Here’s a recipe I did a few years back on breakfast for Bon Appetit!

SCR: Does your morning routine involve coffee?
AC: I run on green teas to get through my workweek. Coffee tastes best on a lazy Sunday with a big breakfast.

SCR: How do you take your coffee?
AC: Black with a pinch of cinnamon!

SCR: What do you do after breakfast?
AC: Head down to town to open up the Wonder Valley OIL SHOP or meet our team in the Wonder Valley studio on our property.

SCR: How do you start your day?
AC: Just happy to be here!