Morning Ritual: Jason Wachob, Founder of mindbodygreen

Jan 09, 2020

We're always curious about how people get going on the morning; everyone's daily jumpstart looks a little bit different. Recently, we caught up with Jason Wachob, the founder and co-CEO of wellness blog mindbodygreen, and he shared a glimpse into how he gets moving in the morning.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters: How do you wake up?

Jason Wachob: Colleen and I wake up between 6am and 7am depending on what time our little girls wake up. Our almost 3 year old is like a human alarm clock at 7am but our 6 month old is usually up earlier at 6am, if not a bit earlier.

SCR: What’s your typical breakfast?

JW: I am a big believer in intermittent fasting so during the week breakfast is black coffee and supplements. As husband and wife founders, Colleen and I felt a responsibility to drink Stumptown's Founders blend! And for supplements, I take mbg's nr+ and probiotic+ supplements along with a cocktail of B vitamins.

On Saturdays, I'll pick up wild salmon w/cream cheese on bagels from Russ & Daughters and on Sunday we always make BirchBenders keto pancakes using Lily's milk chocolate chips at home. And sometimes we'll add grass-fed ghee from Fourth & Heart.

SCR: Are you a morning coffee drinker?

JW: Always! I take it black with the exception of the occasional splurge where I add some grass-fed ghee.

SCR: What do you do after breakfast?

JW: Check email and work dashboards, and get the kids ready for their day.

SCR: How do you start your work day?

JW: We are so lucky that we live 4 blocks away from our office and Brooklyn Bridge Park is in between, so Colleen and I will walk together through the park to work.

SCR: Sounds dreamy. Thanks for sharing, Jason!