Retail Cafe Reopening Fall 2020

Oct 07, 2020

As the country begins to open back up for business amid the coronavirus pandemic, Stumptown is changing the way we operate our cafes.

When you head back to your neighborhood Stumptown cafe, you’ll notice a few changes. Back in March 2020, we implemented enhanced cleaning measures including regular wipe-downs of all surfaces and point of sale systems. We also instituted additional food safety and social distancing precautions. Then in June 2020, we mandated that all customers wear facial coverings.

As of Wednesday, October 7, we are updating our to-go ordering options. Below are the pick-up options that are being offered at our cafes nationwide:

In Cafe Ordering
Most Stumptown cafes are now offering pick-up service inside. Make sure you have your mask on before entering the cafe. We ask that only 1 adult per party enter the cafe. There will be markers on the floor where to stand, distanced at least 6 ft apart. Due to distancing only a limited number of people will be able to be inside the cafe at a time, you can line up outside if the cafe is full.

All drinks will be served to go, as we will not have any indoor seating at this time, however some of our cafes are offering outdoor seating. Those cafes are: Cobble Hill (212B Pacific Street), Greenwich Village (30 W. 8th Street), Ace Hotel New York (18 W. 29th Street), Arts District: Los Angeles (806 S. Santa Fe), and Ace Hotel New Orleans (610 Carondelet.)

App Ordering
Make your next Stumptown cafe visit easier than ever by ordering in advance through the Stumptown Coffee cafe app. Now available for iOS and Android devices.

Get 50% off your first cafe order using the code SOROASTY at checkout.

There will be an App Pick Up Sign placed in the front of the cafe, most likey by the register or the espresso machine. Skip the line and find your way to that sign. Your drink will either be waiting there on the counter or just let the barista know your name and they will hand you your order.

We look forward to seeing you soon!