Skate Team: Nick Boserio

Mar 15, 2019

Nick Boserio is the skate team’s young gun, a fast and loose street skater with an instantly recognizable beard. Nick spent his childhood globe-hopping, his teens in Australia, and now makes his home in Portland, with his wife and young daughter. He recently chatted with our New York apprentice roaster, Erik Keating (aka Sweet E), who started delivering coffee for Stumptown in Portland, moved across the country, and made the switch to roasting in Brooklyn. Erik lives to skate crusty street spots in the industrial neighborhoods around both our Portland HQ and our Red Hook roastery.

Erik: Hey, Nick. How are things going back in Portland?

Nick: Pretty good. The rain's kicking in but the winter's been pretty mellow, which wasn't the case last year or the year before so it's nice. Are you in New York?

Erik: Yes, I live in New York right now but I grew up in Vancouver, Washington.

Nick: I've been over to the Couv.

Erik: You skated at 164th?

Nick: No, I know what you're talking about though. I like that other one. I like--

Erik: Oh God, Swift?

Nick: Yes, I love that shit.

Erik: All right, first question. How, when, and where did you start skateboarding? What got you into it?

Nick: I was 12 when I really started skating. I started skating in Perth, Western Australia, where I grew up from about the age of 10. My older brother and my cousin both started skating, I remember my cousin Colin was always at it in our backyard, but I learned because of my brother. I wanted to do whatever my brother was doing.

Erik: Favorite skate spot, past or present?

Nick: I think I clocked the most time at Australian Place, which is gone now, in Perth -- Aussie Place, where I spent all my time from 15 to 18 or something. Then there's Lincoln Square in Melbourne, that was a huge era in my life. It’s gone now. The other one is the Library of Victoria. I got a fucking tattoo of that. But Aussie Place honestly means more to me because, when you're younger, it's more special. The formative years...

Erik: What's the best skate trip you've been on?

Nick: I did a trip to New Zealand with some of the Australian Nike guys. That was like, one of the best, most productive ones. Both times I've been in Puerto Rico have been the fucking best. We went to Maldives for a Red Bull trip, and that was fucking unreal. That was probably the craziest place I've been in alive.

Erik: The Maldives?

Nick: Yes. We swam inside a reef in the middle of the ocean.

Erik: What's your morning ritual? How do you start your day?

Nick: I get up when my daughter gets up. She’s just over a year old. I change her nappy, I go downstairs and we cook together, I make coffee for me and my wife, and everything else starts after that. My daughter’s so cool when she gets up, she wants to play, read books and shit. It's really fun. It's a real cute thing, man.

Erik: That's awesome. Favorite place you've enjoyed a cup of coffee?

Nick: This place called Omotesando Koffee in Japan. It was in the area of Omotesando, it's like this Gucci shopping area. You go off the beaten track down this little street. It's a little bamboo sanctuary, and you walk in there and they make the coffee in front of you, and you can buy like this one little snack that goes with it. It was fucking unreal, man.


Erik: All right. Now the hard-hitting questions.

Nick: That one was great, man. Yes, that’s the real Erik.

Erik: All right. Blazers or Dunks?

Nick: Probably Blazers. I was a big Dunk man for a while. I'd love to be like, well, the Dunks, but I'm wearing Blazers right fucking now.

Erik: How long have you had your beard? Yours is pretty iconic.

Nick: I'm coming up on 10-year anniversary with my wife and she hasn't seen me without it so it's at least 10 years. I know that much.

Erik: Wow, okay.

Nick: It was pretty shrimpy back then. That's old guy shit, I guess. A decade. About to be a decade with this fucking thing on my face.

Erik: (laughs) Okay, sweet. I think that was it really. Thank you so much, dude. Welcome to the Stumptown family. It's pretty sick to have a skateboard team because I never thought that would actually happen. This is fun.

Nick: For sure, good talking to you, man.

Erik: You too, thank you so much.

Nick: See you, brother.