Sparkling Cold Brew Cocktail Showdown

May 26, 2017

Ever tip a little hooch in your coffee? We're big fans of mixing our uppers and downers around here. A few months ago, some of our favorite bars around PDX took a stab at mixing up some boozy Sparkling Cold Brew drinks. Our bubbly bevvies come in original, honey lemon, and ginger citrus. Each bartender had their own take on boozing 'em up, the creator of our favorite cocktail scored a trip to the Ace Hotel in New Orleans.

King of Clubs / Bar: Free House / Bartender: Ansel Vickery

1.5oz. Flor de Cana 7yr.

1oz. Coconut cream

.5oz. House Spirits Coffee Liqueur

1.5oz. Honey Lemon Sparkling Cold Brew

Pinch of salt


An Inside Job / Bar: Associated / Bartender: Ed Villareal

.75 oz Bourbon

.75 oz Spiced rum

2 oz Sparkling Cold Brew

1 oz Coconut milk

Splash of Coca Cola

Rockets & Shillelaghs / Bar: Shift Drinks / Bartender: Alise Moffet

1.5 oz Hell-Cat Maggie Irish whiskey

.5 oz House made grenadine

3 Dashes of Reagans Orange Bitters

3/4 oz Stumptown Original Sparkling Cold Brew

Lemon oil and twist

The Real Zing / Bar: Woodsman Tavern / Bartender: Anna Josephson

1 oz. Orange & ginger infused whiskey

1/2 oz. Averna

2 oz. Ginger Citrus Sparkling Cold Brew

2 Dashes of cardamom bitters

THE WINNER: The Cracked Cure / Bar: Moloko / Bartender: Misty Seminara

1 3/4 oz. Cucumber infused vodka

2 oz. Honey Lemon Sparkling Cold Brew

1/2 oz. Fresh squeezed lemon

1/2 oz. Demerara