Holler Mountain Dripkit

Jun 19, 2019

Finding good coffee on the road can be magical, but more often it's a fruitless goose chase. Yes you can bring your v60 camping, but who wants to lug around more weight when you’re trying to climb a mountain? Now you can brew delicious coffee wherever you want, with the Stumptown Dripkit. It ‘s the perfect on-the-go coffee option, for when you’re miles above a city on an airplane, or on the road to your next tour gig. No gear required, no compromise on quality. All you need is hot water and 2 minutes to make a cup worth savoring.

Over many months, our Quality Assurance team worked to refine this method of brewing to make sure it would produce the same exceptional experience as a traditional pour-over brew method. We meticulously calibrated the grind, and it’s housed in a durable air-tight bag, so that when you crack open one of these babies it smells just as rich and fresh as coffee ground moments ago.

We selected Holler Mountain to use in our collaborative Stumptown Dripkit, because it’s one of the most versatile blends around. When brewed, it doses out a bright burst of citrus that is balanced with notes of blackberry, creamy caramel and hazelnut. Holler Mountain features coffees from Central and South America, East Africa, and Indonesia. We rotate peak condition coffees from these regions to maintain a seasonal, balanced, and elegantly consistent profile. Just like all of our coffees, we take it to our cupping tables daily to be assessed by our team of veteran Q-Graders, ensuring each roast is maintaining the proper balance of flavors.

Every gram of coffee within our Dripkits was roasted in our Red Hook, Brooklyn outpost. We’ve been there for over 10 years now, and love collaborating with our neighbors - the Dripkit headquarters are just a stone’s throw away. Like us, they’re committed to best practices in sustainability, and we look forward to working on more projects together.


How to use your Dripkit:

Heat up your water (or sweet talk someone into giving you some on the road). Coffee is best brewed with water 195-205°, so aim for that.

Tear the blue strip while holding the package upright so your precious grounds don’t spill.

Push the Dripkit to open. You’ll see notches on either end of the dripper that fit over the edges of your cup.

Time to brew! Slowly fill the Dripkit to the top, then let drain completely. The complete brewing process should take 2 minutes, just like a traditional pour over, so keep that in mind.

Repeat step 4 three times - that’s 4 pours total.

Drink up and don’t spill if you’re on a dirt bike or whatever.