Brunch & Cold Brew Cocktails with Tusk

Jun 24, 2019

Close your eyes and point to anything on Tusk’s menu, and you’ll be eating one of the best meals of your life. One of our favorite Portland restaurants, Tusk is the creation of Sam Smith & Joshua McFadden and Luke Dirks. It’s one of the brightest stars in the dazzling Submarine Hospitality constellation, also known for the beloved Ava Gene’s.

Their menu is seasonally driven; all vegetables and most flours and grains are sourced directly from local farming partners who Smith has built close relationships with over the years. Each dish is inspired by Middle Eastern cuisine, and meant to be shared.

Come to Tusk on June 29th and 30th - we’re teaming up for a special brunch in celebration of our partnership with these amazing folks. They’ll be serving new dishes made with our coffee, and cocktails made with our Cold Brew Concentrate. Walk-ins welcome from 9am-2:30pm.

Can't make it? Oh, you did make it and now you can't stop thinking about it? Here’s some recipes to help you re-create the magic in your own home. Below you’ll find cocktail recipes featuring our Cold Brew Concentrate, straight from the brain of Collin Nicholas, the Submarine Bar Director.

For these recipes you’ll need some basic bar-wares: cocktail shaker, long stemmed stirring spoon, strainer and sieve. Some of the syrups require blending and a stove, so get your mis-en-place ready.

Electric Fizz

This cocktail is inspired by a classic -- the Ramos Fizz. It’s rich and smooth with a velvet texture and long finish. The acids from our Cold Brew Concentrate carry the weight of the fig leaf cream and egg white. The amaro provides a welcomed orange-citrus quality while lending a soft bitter tone that contrasts the sweet components of the recipe. The Mezcal lends dimension, soft complexity and a smoked under-tone. It's boozy, for sure. But it's also extremely balanced, approachable, and beautiful. This drink is a full sensory experience.

Cocktail Recipe:
1.5 oz Stumptown Cold Brew Concentrate
1/2 oz Egg white
1/2 oz Amaro Montenegro
1/2 oz Mezcal
1/2 oz El Dorado
3/4 oz Vanilla Cardamom Syrup
1 Fig Leaf Cream

Add all ingredients to cocktail tins and shake vigorously. Once shaken “dry,” add ice to cocktail tins, give it a ‘flash’ wet shake, then double strain ingredients into a collins glass. Slowly top cocktail with sparkling water to create ‘merengue’, garnish with orange zest and three coffee beans.

Vanilla Cardamom Syrup recipe:
200 g sugar
200 g water
50 g green cardamom pods
1 cinnamon stick

Pulse cardamom pods in a blender until interior of the pod breaks free. Bring water to a simmer. Add ground cardamom, cinnamon and sugar to water and bring to boil. Slowly dissolve sugar and cook for 5 minutes. Double strain.

Fig Leaf Creamer:
150 g cream
2 fig leaves
20 g sugar (optional)
150 g milk (if using as creamer / not for cocktail use)

Toast fig leaves in the oven until slightly brown on the edges. Bring cream, fig leaves, and sugar to a simmer and then let steep for 15 minutes. If using for creamer, add in the milk. Chill.

Pleasure Cruise Control

Spirit driven, luscious, and rich, this cocktail features very defined and complex layers of flavor. This is a drink for cocktail lovers and coffee enthusiasts, a complete and inspired experience from start to finish.

Cocktail Recipe:
1.5 oz Cold Brew Concentrate
1/4 oz coconut liqueur
1/4 oz Benedictine
1/2 oz cognac
1/2 oz vanilla syrup
1 oz cream sherry

Spray inside of a rocks glass with absinthe (1 spray), build ingredients directly into rock glass, top with large 2 inch ice cube, stir for 20 seconds, garnish ice with super fine ground coffee for aromatics.

Vanilla Syrup Recipe:
200 g sugar
200 g water
1 vanilla bean

Bring water to a boil, split vanilla bean and add to water with sugar. Slowly dissolve sugar and cook for 15 minutes at simmer. Double strain.

New Continental Breakfast

Nostalgia! This recipe is inspired by a traditional horchata, but it's been completely reengineered. The rolled oats provide rich flavor with a soft and elegant mouthfeel. Cinnamon, agave, and salt lift the organic flavor of the rolled oats and provide inspired complexity, depth and layers of flavor. Coconut cream has a fantastic flavor affinity for both the coffee and rolled oats, offering a subtle sweetness and texture while highlighting the cinnamon notes and the cold brew. Vodka, being a neutral spirit, provides a bit of back bone that lengthens the finish of the drink.

Cocktail Recipe:
1 oz Cold Brew Concentrate
3.5 oz rolled oat horchata
1/2 oz coconut cream
1/2 oz vodka (optional)

Add rolled oat horchata and coconut to collins glass, add ice, top with Cold Brew Concentrate and garnish with toasted coconut flakes

Rolled oat horchata recipe:
1 pint rolled oats
1.5 quarts water
1 cinnamon stick
250 g agave nectar

Soak rolled oats and cinnamon in water for 1 hour, blend thoroughly, add agave nectar and blend again. Triple strain.