What's in Your Fridge: Kate Norris of Division Winemaking and Gamine Wines

Jan 27, 2020

Born in Bahrain to an English father and Malagasy (that’s Madagascar) mother, Kate’s exposure to food and wine is extensive, to say the least. Her passion has led her to work in event management firms and wineries across the world, including learning how to make wine in France. Eventually, Kate settled in Portland, Oregon where she co-founded the Division Winemaking Company in 2010. In 2012, she co-founded the Southeast Wine Collective, a unique multi-faceted urban winery, wine bar, and bottle shop that houses eleven winemakers. When Kate’s not running two businesses, she’s making wine for her personal label, Gamine. If you've been to one of our Stumptown Art Fellowship openings, you've probably had some of Kate's wine!

Kate is a legendary hostess and all-around bon vivant; we were delighted to learn what she keeps around to fuel her incredible wine and even more remarkable hospitality.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters: So, Kate -- what's in your fridge?

Kate Norris: All the condiments, hot sauces and pickles! A cambro full of cheeses (from artisan right through american slices) and various fresh dairy products (creme fraiche, sour cream, clotted cream, ricotta, fromage blanc, butter), and Gary's Jersey Heavy Cream.

A cambro for charcuterie, and a cambro full of veggies from my CSA. Campari tomatoes (guilty of eating them out of season - but I have a deep love for lycopene), and a pitcher of fresh cut herbs.

Plain La Croix, and a bottle of Champagne just in case (I also have a basement fridge dedicated to other alcoholic beverages and mixers, and a wine fridge - occupational hazard).

Homemade bone broth, eggs, and rotation of proteins: Mary's whole chicken, Tails and Trotters Pork, Umpqua lamb, sole, smoked sockeye salmon, aaaand alwyas leftovers.

SCR: Are there any breakfast foods?

KN: Eggs (farm ones are best, but if I can't get my hands on any, Eggland's Best are also delicious!), Strauss Family Greek yogurt, Nancy's cottage cheese (love this with tomatoes and chive and flake salt and pepper), and bacon, always bacon (but I consider bacon a condiment).

SCR: What’s your typical breakfast? Any recipe to share?

KN: Weekdays: an egg poached in homemade bone broth with local white miso and sliced scallion. Weekends: French omelette with fromage blanc and smoked salmon - Chef Ludo's recipes for this is the best - put whatever cheesy filling you want in it! - or a soft boiled egg, hunk of sharp cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, half a mini avocado and sliced tomato.

SCR: How do you wake up? What time?

KN: I try to wake up with my body clock most mornings - on average around 8:30am (I'm a night owl) - unless I have an early meeting, and then I hate on my alarm and hit snooze 10 times.

SCR: Does your morning routine involve coffee?

KN: Earl grey tea and heavy cream in the AM - coffee in the early afternoon only!

SCR: How do you take your coffee?

KN: Black. I also love espresso! Sometimes, if I want a treat, a tiny mocha.

SCR: What does your typical morning look like?

KN: As a small business owner, every day is different! I have a few set morning meetings each week, but if I'm not in a meeting in the morning, I'm either answering emails from my dining room table, on a business call, or thinking about going to the gym. I don't love eating early so a typical morning is a hot tea as soon as I wake up and then waiting until about 10:30-11am to eat.

Thanks for sharing, Kate!