Jordan Group

This group of producers represents our longest standing direct trade relationship in Colombia.

Partnered with Stumptown:



Caturra, Typica and Colombia

On our menu:

Colombia El Jordan

Processing technique:



1500-1800 Meters

The Producer

The Jordan group was formed through an initial collaboration between Stumptown, Caravela, one of Stumptown’s export and import partners, and the producers themselves. What is most impressive to us about this coffee is not only the quality and profile, but also the consistency these dedicated farmers achieve from lot to lot. Stumptown’s relationship with El Jordan began over 10 years ago, when we purchased coffee from 19 producers. Today that group has grown to 33 producers. This is Stumptown’s longest standing relationship in Colombia.


The Place

Colombia’s highest volcano is the magnificent Nevado del Huila. Nestled in it’s shade, in the department of Tolima, lie the small regions of Planadas and Gaitania. The area surrounding Nevado del Huila is among the most fruitful in Colombia and provides an excellent microclimate for growing coffee. This beautiful place is home to a dedicated group of coffee farmers responsible for Colombia El Jordan.


The Process

Members of El Jordan have long engaged in education and training, while incentivizing top quality in both production and harvest. Through this long-standing relationship, Stumptown has the chance to have first look at top coffees. This shared focus on long-term stability and price transparency tied directly to quality has created a supply chain where stakeholders enjoy an open exchange of information with one another.

Caravela helped solidify this partnership into a multiyear commitment, they are integral to the relationship as they provide technical assistance, training, quality feedback, and employ community members in several capacities.