The Tocto Family

We rarely see as many improvements year over year as we have seen with Finca Churupampa. Churupampa is both the name of the family farm, as well as a farmer association run by the Tocto Family, which was created to support the surrounding area farmers. From constructing a composting plant to best serve their soil’s needs, to working on an organic pest repellent, the Toctos are always striving to innovate.

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Typica, Caturra and Pache

Processing techniques


What’s new

Last year the Tocto Family expanded their network to 108 additional farmers.

The Producer

Churupampa is a Quechua word, ch’uru means snail and pampa refers to the plains - roughly translating to “snail lands”. The Tocto family produces coffee on their farm near the small town of Chirinos in the region of Cajamarca. In 2011 Eber Tocto and his three brothers took over the family farm and began cultivating coffee organically, with a strong focus on environmental conservation. Since then, all of their coffee is cultivated without the use of chemical herbicides or pesticides.

There is a strong emphasis on relationship and trust within the community here. Talhya, Eber’s wife, runs Finca Churupampa’s lab, which is just above the purchase point where farmers bring their product. Eber and Talhya’s home is above the lab, on the third floor. Farmers are constantly coming upstairs to say hello, and are encouraged to taste coffees with the team.

Several years back the Tocto family invested in building a road to reach the upper limits of the farm to ease transportation of cherry. Before the road existed, coffee was transported down the steep slope via donkey or mule. The road is so steep it becomes almost impossible to trek during the heavy rainy season.

Year after year we’re continuing to see top quality coffee come from Churupampa and we’re stoked to offer it again.