Honduras El Puente Trio

Honduras El Puente Trio


A rare opportunity to experience three unique micro-lots from our friends at El Puente, featuring two knockout varieties and two meticulous processing methods, all in one box.

Three ½ lb bags in gift box

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A rare, unparalleled micro-lot trio from El Puente

Explore the beauty of a washed Gesha, the elegance of a Gesha Honey and the lushness of a Java variety with this limited-run trio, all from our great friends Marysabel and Moises of El Puente.

Honduras El Puente Gesha

The Gesha variety requires Herculean effort to cultivate, demanding both hard work and good luck in equal measure. Even in the specific microclimates and altitudes where it thrives, the yield per plant will always be small, making it a high risk crop.

Thankfully, we can lean on the expertise of Marysabel and Moises, who have produced this exceptional coffee, with notes of apricot, mango, grapefruit.

Honduras El Puente Gesha Honey

Taking their stunning Gesha even further, Marysabel and Moises used a honey process to accentuate the natural sweetness and elegant floral notes of the coffee, yielding notes of mint, jasmine and candied citrus.

Honduras El Puente Java

Marysabel and Moises have investigated and experimented with every aspect of coffee for as long as we’ve known them (over 13 years!). Their drive to perfection has led them to plant Java on Las Amazonas, one of their higher elevation farms. The results speak for themselves, yielding a lush, tea-like cup with notes of honey and plum.

Available via pre-sale only.

This is the third and final round of pre-sale roasts for this delightful trio. Your coffee will be roasted and shipped on Thursday, October 19th with complimentary 2-day shipping. Order by Monday, October 16th at 11 a.m. PT.