Jacobsen x Stumptown Hair Bender Salt

Jacobsen x Stumptown Hair Bender Salt


This unique sea salt, infused with our Hair Bender coffee (and just a touch of Cold Brew), is the result of a fantastic collaboration with our neighbors and pals, Jacobsen Salt. A great finisher for both sweet and savory items.

3oz Jar

Jacobsen Salt x Stumptown

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Culinary Secret Weapon

A true Portland collaboration with our friends / neighbors at Jacobsen Salt, this infused sea salt is a real treat.

Using local salt harvested from Netarts Bay, ground Hair Bender coffee and just a touch of our Cold Brew, this lil brown jar of magic is the perfect unique finisher for just about anything you can think of, from steaks to ice cream to roasted veggies to brownies to ...

  • 3oz jar
  • Locally sourced sea salt
  • No anti-caking agents: clumping may occur
  • Does not contain iodine