Original Cold Brew Glassware - 12 Ounce

Original Cold Brew Glassware - 12 Ounce


Cold Brew is complex and unique just like fine wine. Drink yours in a glass that suits its nuanced flavor, just like you would a vintage Bordeaux. This is the perfect vessel for Cold Brew cocktails and sodas because of its wide mouth which welcomes aromatics.

12oz, Limited edition

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Just in time for summer

Our collection of Cold Brew glassware was made especially for the launch of our first cold brew bar in NOLA. Designed with the best cold brew experience in mind, and with inspiration from Belgian beer glasses, these babies will bring your CB experience to the next level.

  • Glass
  • Holds 12 oz
  • Limited edition design
  • Great for cold brew cocktails and sodas
  • Also available as 16 oz