Stumptown Playing Cards

Stumptown Playing Cards


For nearly two decades, we’ve been lucky enough to orbit around the beautiful mind of Tim Wenzel. He started as a barista at our original cafe in 2001, and he’s been creating weird and wild commercial art for us ever since. We wanted to celebrate his humble beginnings with a retrospective of sorts, what better way than 52 charming playing cards.

52 standard playing cards, plus jokers

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The Complete Package

These days, Tim is our in-house ad-man, bringing his collaging talents to bigger and more digital stages. He's also the mad genius behind all those Cold Brew videos, and records our uncannily catchy jingles in his actual basement (may we suggest calling our office just to hear his take on hold music?).

  • Premium playing cards
  • Cambric finish
  • 54 unique designs
  • Mildly NSFW