Brew Guide Posters

Brew Guide Posters


We know you all love our brew guide videos, but what if you didn’t have to awkwardly prop your phone against the backsplash every time you needed to remember the correct dose for an Aeropress? We created these handsome brew guide posters with your convenience in mind – suitable for framing and screen-printed by our friends at Seizure Palace, they’ll look right at home over your home coffee station.

3 screen-printed posters

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Three's Company

Wow your friends by displaying all three posters as a glorious triptych of coffee geekery, or spread the love among your nearest and dearest.

  • Hand printed by Seizure Palace in Portland, OR
  • Tasteful pastel tones
  • Brewing guides for Chemex, Aeropress, and Bee House brewers
  • 11 x 17