Wildsam Field Guides Portland

Wildsam Field Guides Portland


We had the great privilege of teaming up with the fine people at Wildsam to point you towards the best food, drink, coffee (natch) and other attractions in our beloved hometown. We’re proud to be from this hotbed of creativity and wingnuttery, and count ourselves lucky to draw inspiration and support from the DIYers and entrepreneurs that have made Portland (aka Stumptown) the city we know and love, from the dimmest dive bars to the finest fine dining restaurants; from the banks of the Willamette to the summit of Mt Hood.

Illustrations by Jillian Barthold with contributions from Jesse Katz, Colin Meloy, Rachel Saslow, and more

Compiled & edited by Wildsam staff

Get out there

Our pals at Wildsam have turned their thoughtful eye on the best that our hometown has to offer. An invaluable companion for wide-eyed tourist and Old Portland aficionado alike.

  • Softcover; 144 pages
  • Published by Wildsam
  • First edition
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 6.5" x 4"