Worker's Comp Vol. 2

Worker's Comp Vol. 2


We’ve long been a company that employs artists, visionaries, and wingnuts of all stripes. Everyone around here’s got a passion -- from cartooning to skateboarding to rock’n’roll music. With that in mind, we released the first Worker’s Comp in 2001 in an effort to capture some of the magic bubbling away behind the scenes; 16 years later, we thought it was more than high time to do it again.

Limited release

Sold Out

One long playing disc for your favorite turntable, coming right up.

Recorded with the help of Portland legend Mike Coykendall in late 2017, we brought in Stumptown bands from all over the country to lay down new tracks, and are thrilled to finally release these certified jams out into the world.

Dommengang - Past Lives
Tamed West - My Old Friend
White Glove - The Gilded Wizard
Sweet Dreams Band - Sweet Dreams
DJ Jihaari - Up/Down

Uncle Hornet - Uncle Hornet Flies Again
Little Racer - We’re Here (published by Castle Peak Music)
Longclaw - Tower
Broodmare - Dirt Fetish
Giant Peach - Weight of Leaving

  • Available in classic black vinyl or limited edition colored vinyl
  • Digital download available with purchase
  • Single LP
  • Featuring 10 bands from NYC, Portland, and LA
  • Recorded November-December 2017 at The Map Room in Portland, OR
  • Engineered by Josh Powell and Mike Coykendall
  • Mixed by Mike Coykendall with additional mixing by Josh Powell
  • Produced by Mike Coykendall
  • Album art by Tim Wenzel
  • All music copyright the artists, 2017