How much coffee?

1 x 8 oz. bag

A cup for each workday, for two weeks — perfect for the moderate coffee drinker.


1 x 12 oz. bag

For those who would like to drink a cup or so per day, every day (even weekends!) for two weeks.


2 x 12 oz. bags

Two week’s worth for a couple who likes to start each morning with a cup or two.


3 x 12 oz. bags

For a couple, a household, or a truly coffee-motivated individual who wants to stay awake for two weeks.


For Office Use Only

There’s little that compares to the fine fortune of great coffee at work. Office coffee subscriptions ensure that your office is stocked with fresh coffee all week long.

We’ve sized these options assuming you’ll make coffee on weekdays; if your office is open seven days a week, you may want to order up.

Note: this isn’t a good choice for individuals, because we want your coffee to be fresh. If this isn’t enough coffee for your office or you have questions about volume, let us know. If you’re a restaurant or café, go here.

1 x 5 lb. bag

4 to 8 drinkers. This will make about 10 cups of coffee per day for two business weeks.


2 x 5 lb. bags

8 to 15 coffee drinkers will be delighted, sustained and energized. Makes around 21 cups per day for two business weeks.


3 x 5 lb. bags

15 to 24 drinkers, swillin’ that sweet sweet coffee. That’s 32 delicious cups, every day, for two business weeks.