Lafayette Grand Café, The Dutch, The Dutch Miami, and Joe’s Pub

NYC & Miami

A restaurant coffee program, soup-to-nuts

In 2009 Chef Andrew Carmellini, and his partners Joshua Pickard and Luke Ostrom, approached us about helping establish an "outside the box" coffee program for their celebrated restaurant, The Dutch. Shortly thereafter, we formed a partnership and consulted on every aspect of their coffee service program, from equipment sourcing and coordinating with contractors to curating the coffee menu and tailoring staff education.

Restaurants bring different challenges than a cafe — you have a larger staff, and things tend to move at a faster pace. Having a coffee program that matches the level of the food being served takes some thought, so we developed a restaurant specific education and support program.

Over the course of the last five years, we have continued our partnership by offering the same expertise and support for Lafayette Grand Café & Bakery, The Dutch Miami and Joe’s Pub.

We are proud to be partnered with Chef Carmellini in these unparalleled restaurants – we’re happy to say they have a coffee menu to match.

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