Portland, OR

What does a hospitable cafe in a hospital feel like?

OHSU is a world-class teaching hospital and research center in Portland, so when they approached us to help update and build out cafes on their campus that matched the quality of care at the hospital, we took the mission seriously.

We knew this was an important task – bringing the warmth and comfort of a coffee shop and a great cup of coffee to help support folks in the business of saving lives was a priority. They also wanted a comforting and warm space to offer relief to patients and their families.

We helped them pick out wood samples, in one case, orient the coffee bar with views of Mt. Hood, and helped guide them towards warm textures and lighting for OHSU’s coffee bars. We worked out a coffee program for different points in the cafes and cafeterias, offering everything from full espresso to grab-and-go Cold Brew options for students needing something quick.

The faculty and staff have been thrilled, and patients now have a comforting place to go for a cup.

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