Radio Coffee & Beer

Austin, TX

How the hell were we going to get nitro Cold Brew to Texas?

Before he moved back home to Austin, owner Jack Wilson had spent time around Seattle and Portland and loved the coffee here. So when he was ready to convert an old house into a coffee and beer bar, he came to us. We were involved from the very beginning, when Jack told us he wanted to have nitro Cold Brew on tap. This posed all sorts of challenges — how would we integrate the tap system into his beer lines? And how the hell were we going to get nitro to Texas?

First, we talked him out of buying the wrong equipment. Then, we installed and built out the perfect vehicle for Stumptown within the bar. We set up a homebase for him to train his staff in LA — in fact, the bartenders and baristas all had something like 30 hours of training.

These days, when he has problems with his equipment, we’ve got friends in the area that can help him out. The nitro Cold Brew keeps flowing — he goes through 20 kegs per week.

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