Stats, Man!

Jan 05, 2018

Well friends, 2017 was quite a year.

It was only fitting that a full moon rose above us when the clock struck midnight, spiriting us forward into a bright 2018. As we peered up to our cosmic companion, we thought, how can we be better this year? Perhaps you, too, will feel similar inspiration, as you peer into your new year’s cup, reading the tea leaves, or looking for clues in the coffee grounds, contemplating your next big steps into the wild unknown.

It's been a helluva year, with more highs and lows than most. But the bright spots were beaming. So looking back before going forward: One of our favorite highlights of the year included opening our first cafe in the midwest, located in the Ace Hotel Chicago. We hung our shingle just in time to warm the city up before the winter hit. Our bags got a brand new look, moving us forward towards increased sustainability and preservation of quality. After many years it was an invigorating shift, and we look forward to new progressive moves. With that in mind, we redesigned our flagship downtown Portland cafe, creating space to house the Stumptown Artist Fellowship. Keep a lookout for new exhibits this year, where we’ll provide a stipend to working artists for each solo show in our downtown cafe gallery space.

Over the summer, we travelled the country in our yellow van, stoking out our friends and neighbors with fistfuls of Cold Brew stubbies, Nitro cans and endless good vibes. We had an amazing time keeping the crowds juiced at music festivals, motorcycle shows, and of course, Feast Portland, where we may or may not have slurped whiskey shots off of an ice luge. We’re resting up and looking very forward to a fresh and busy new year. We’ve got some big things cooking from coast to coast and beyond...

So what else have we done this year? Let’s run the numbers.

1,114,609 shots of Hair Bender pulled

1,162 coffee samples cupped

4.6 million pounds of coffee roasted

1 Blazer taught us how to dunk

26 producer partners visited

35 events thrown in 15 different cities

1200 miles driven by the yellow van, making 31 stops along the West Coast

2 Olympic sized swimming pools of Cold Brew brewed

$67,110 donated to 9 causes

We played 60+ shows

Attended 600+ concerts

On average each Human of Stumptown got 2 new tattoos

And 1 producer partner did aerobics with us to the tune of Despacito


At the end of it, we’re all here together, and we couldn’t be happier to move forward in to the misty beyond of the new year with you. Here’s to the fine moments passed and all the good ones to come. Cheers and good luck.