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At Stumptown, our ethos is simple: make the best coffee in the world. Our team of industry experts has decades of experience in specialty coffee and designing successful programs. Our goal with the Stumptown wholesale program is to share what we’ve learned to help you create an unrivaled coffee and cold brew program backed by industry-leading experience where you can focus on everything else you do.

Our Wholesale Program

Cafes and Restaurants

We’ll work with you to create a customized coffee program that fits your vision. Our team will carefully pair our coffees in your cafe or restaurant to complement your menu and create a curated experience for your customers. Additionally, we offer cold brew kegs and concentrate, perfect for a quick draft or chilled option.

Office Coffee

Serving top-notch coffee in your workplace can brighten up the atmosphere, enhance productivity, and uplift spirits. By giving priority to coffee quality, you can offer a delightful and exceptional experience to your employees and clients. Let us help create a warm and inviting environment in your office.

Hospitality Programs

We strongly believe that hospitality programs should prioritize serving the highest quality coffee, as it truly enhances the guest experience. From morning wake-up calls to afternoon pick-me-ups, catering, and banquets, coffee service is that thoughtful detail that can exponentially improve a guest's stay.


Give your customers a premium coffee offering that they can enjoy at home or while in your store. You’ll have access to different blends of varying roast levels, as well as regional and single origin coffee options which can set grocery aisles and coffee bars apart. You’ll attract new customers who are looking for premium coffee and cold brew.

Retail & Events

Whether it's a one-time event or a regular replenishment, we work with you to create a memorable experience with delicious coffee and cold brew options.

Proud Partners

Hungry Ghost Coffee

Hungry Ghost Coffee was born in Brooklyn in 2012. Since then, it's grown to 13 locations throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan, each with its own personality and reflection of the neighborhood it serves.

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Mix Bakeshop

Since 2006, Mix Bakeshop has become a locale for the Ashland, OR community to indulge and nourish themselves with artisan pastries and Direct Trade coffee.

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Flora Restaurant Group

Nat Stratton-Clarke is the owner of the Flora Restaurant Group in Seattle, WA. In celebration of hospitality, we've asked Nat to give us some insights into what hospitality means to him, and how he goes about creating a warm, welcoming environment in the Flora's unique spaces.

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Taylor Monen, Milk & Honey

"I have remained loyal to Stumptown for two reasons: the support and customer service their team provides coffee shop partners and the consistency and quality of the products we buy from them throughout the year. Having multiple coffee shops within our family of restaurants makes this relationship and quality even more important to us since I cannot be in all of my restaurants at the same time."

"Stumptown’s commitment to sustainable practices, consistency, and the relationship I was able to build with the team at Stumptown. As a business, there are so many options out there, but working with Stumptown was one of the best choices we made, and the team at Stumptown made everything so easy for us."

Nick, Memory Look

Travis, The Rookery

"We opened serving three roasters and, within a couple months, eliminated the other two mainly because Stumptown outshined in quality every time. The general customer service and feel I was getting from Stumptown was amazing. I had been in the industry for a long time and became familiar with Stumptown’s products at trade shows. I reached out because I thought, out of all the coffee I had at any show, Stumptown was always the most on point, and I wanted to develop this relationship. There are a lot of ties between Portland and Juneau—people travel and work back and forth, and I really liked the vibe. Our business relationship has been amazing. You know we’re remote, but you’ve always worked with us. I’m 1800 miles away from Portland, and we deal with our own logistics getting things here, but Stumptown’s always willing to step up and get me things in a pinch and I appreciate that. Everything’s worked out great."

Partnering With Stumptown

One of our core values is serving the highest quality coffee, and over the years we’ve only gotten better at this. We’ve become B Corp Certified, we’ve increased our organic coffee options, and 80% of our coffees come from producers we’ve worked with for longer than 5 years. Our coffee goes through at least 20 quality checks from origin to finished product, and we’re committed to continuous improvement.

We make you a coffee expert

Training is an investment in quality that is essential to the success of a coffee program. We offer in-depth programming and resources including experiential barista courses, on-demand training videos, train-the-trainer sessions, and specialized workshops to provide you and your team the tools you need to craft delicious coffee beverages.

Growth and scale

We’ve helped customers expand from 1 location to 30+. We have the capacity to keep up with your growing demands and can share considerations for your business as you grow.

Personalized consultation

As seasoned coffee experts we’ll provide recommendations on your design, layout, bar flow, equipment, and menu development. If you have an existing location, we can help you enhance your program and share seasonal programming ideas to help you maximize your revenue.

Menu development

We’ll help you select the right assortment for your customers, recommendations on menu pricing and merchandising solutions to maximize profit opportunities.

Ongoing support

You’ll have a dedicated team who has your success in mind. We’ll make recommendations, and help move mountains when you are in a pinch.

Marketing and social media

Whether you need point-of-sale materials, signage, branded coffee sleeves, dispenser wraps, or digital assets, we’ve got a suite of collateral to support your brand.

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