Canales Family


Pueblo Nuevo, Nicaragua

Partnered with Stumptown



Caturra, Typica, Bourbon, Pacamara, and Gesha

Processing techniques



1500-1650 Meters

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Nicaragua Los Delirios

Stumptown began purchasing coffee from the Canales family in 2004, making this one of our longest standing Direct Trade relationships.

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Coffee producer Daniel Canales of Finca Los Delirios purchased his farm in 1958. Stumptown first purchased coffee from Daniel Canales who took first place in the Nicaragua Cup of Excellence in 2004. Los Delirios is situated in the small municipality of Pueblo Nuevo, located in northwestern Nicaragua. Coffee cultivation is now a family business, since Canales gave parts of his farm to his three sons: Milton, Donal and Norman. Together they cultivate Typica, Caturra, and Bourbon varieties on various plots of land throughout the region.

The Los Delirios operation is 100% organic. The Canales produce organic fertilizer using manure from their cows, combined with lime, molasses, and coffee parchment and pulp. They have invested time, energy, and resources in the installation of raised bed and shade-covered patios to promote slow and even drying, a critical step in the preservation of quality in the seed. In 2019, the Canales family purchased their own coffee dry mill for processing, giving them even greater control over the handling and traceability of their lots.

Beyond a dedication to innovation and quality, the Canales place a great deal of value on the social and environmental aspects of their work: providing jobs for many families in their community, aiding the soil through organic fertilization, and even reforesting areas of their farm to further protect the surrounding ecosystem.

We are proud to count the Canales among our longest term Direct Trade partners, and call them dear friends.