Sparkling Cold Brew Sampler

Sparkling Cold Brew Sampler


Get your pick of the litter with our razzle-dazzle Sparkling Cold Brew variety pack. Includes our Original, Ginger Citrus and Honey Lemon Cold Brew coffee sodas.

6-pack of 12 oz cans

Not available in Maine :(

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Our new Cold Brew road sodas

Sparkling Cold Brew, our new bubbly line of Cold Brew coffee sodas, is just the thing to get your gears turning on a hot day. Like most of our good ideas, this one was born in the cafe. We first launched a menu of fresh-mixed coffee sodas in our New Orleans cafe, emboldened by a city that loves iced coffee and drinking, in general. After a few months, we knew we had to take 'em on the road.

  • Best served cold. Refrigerate upon arrival
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Half the caffeine of our original Cold Brew (about 1 cup of coffee)
  • Sip it straight up, pour over ice or mix it into a buzzy cocktail
  • Want more? Get it by the case: Original, Honey Lemon and Ginger Citrus