Trapper Creek Decaf

$17.00/ Shipment

Finally, decaf coffee beans that hold their own. Using the Swiss Water Process to decaffeinate carefully sourced coffees, we achieve unparalleled flavor and cup quality.


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The Flavor Profile

Tasting Notes

A cup limited in caffeine, but not in flavor—Trapper Creek is sweet and full-bodied, with notes of cocoa, graham, and dried fruit.

  • Dried Fruit

  • Graham

  • Cocoa

How To Brew

The Story

This one-of-a-kind decaf starts with meticulously sourced coffees with flavors and profiles that can stand up to decaffeination. We then gently remove the caffeine using the Swiss Water Process, a certified organic technique that relies on hot water, osmosis, and an activated charcoal filter.

The result is a decaffeinated coffee that maintains its complex flavors and aromas and produces a lightly sweet but full-bodied cup that makes for an outstanding espresso or drip coffee.

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