Cold Brew Concentrate

There’s a new cowboy out on the horizon. Cold Brew Concentrate is our new double strength buddy ready to power you through life’s greatest obstacles. When we set out to create this new bevvy, we knew we had to keep it simple, just like with all of the drinks in our Cold Brew family. It’s made with just two ingredients - the highest quality coffee and water. 

We know that great Cold Brew can only come from great coffee, so we use the same single origin coffees from our whole bean menu to brew it. We follow the whole process from start to finish in Portland, Oregon, roasting and grinding our coffee just a few blocks from where it’s brewed and bottled. Between our crew, we have over 240 years of experience in quality analysis, sourcing, roasting, that we put in to each batch. It’s essential to us that in the end, it embodies the unique and elegant expression of the coffee we sourced to create it.

So how do you drink it? Since it’s double strength compared to our traditional Cold Brew, you have some options. The whole bottle makes 5 servings should you dilute it 50/50. But if you want to get crazy, we have some ideas. 

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Blog: Cold Brew Concentrate - Slider 1
Blog: Cold Brew Concentrate - Slider 1
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Blog: Cold Brew Concentrate - Slider 2
Blog: Cold Brew Concentrate - Slider 2

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Start simple - mix it with equal parts water over ice in the vessel of your choosing. We like drinking it out of this, since you can easily transition into full adventure mode. 

Next, try it splashed over a nice big ice cube, for the smoothest afternoon pick-me-up. This is great for the human that prefers their coffee black. Served this way, Brent our head Cold Brewer says the flavor “starts out really intense and sweet, and as the ice melts the coffee starts to open up and change.”. See if you can pick out the tasting notes when you drink it this way.

If you’re the kind who loves a little nudge in their cup, try cutting the concentrate with whole milk in equal parts, and add a tiny bit of sweetener like honey, raw sugar, or maple syrup. This turns the concentrate velvet smooth, reminiscent of our Cold Brew Cartons. If dairy’s not your jam, try it with coconut or oat milk too.

To take it into the evening, try mixing it into a cocktail. Our resident beverage wizard, Jeffrey Morgenthaler, crafts the seasonal beverages you’ll find in our cafes, with two new drinks coming out March 6th.

Try his recipe for a classic Espresso Martini, using our concentrate:


- 1 oz cold brew concentrate
- ¾ oz/22.5 ml vodka
- ¾ oz/22.5 ml Kahlua


1. Combine all ingredients with ice cubes in a cocktail shaker and shake until cold
2. Strain into a chilled coupe glass
3. Optional: finish with lemon oil from a fresh peel, discarding the peel, or garnish with three coffee beans.

Cold Brew Concentrate can be found in any of our cafes and in select retailers.

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