Fresh New Bags

Hello world. We’ve got something new cooking over here at Stumptown and we want to tell you about it. 

After many good years with our much-loved (and collected!) coffee-carded brown bags, we are floating into the new utopian world on a comet of fresher coffee and a less-trashed on planet. In other words, we are packing our coffee in new bags.B

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What is so good about these bags, you might ask, besides the handsome good looks? Great question. Our new bags preserve the quality of our very fine coffee with a one-way valve and a freshness seal. Someone we know hand-picked and then processed and then roasted every one of those beans and we’re going to make damn sure they are as fresh as possible before you drink them.

These new bags are made of something called Biotre from a company called Pacific Bag Incorporated who are committed to environmentally sustainable practices. They are the best in the business and these bags are biodegradable (everything except the tie and the valve) and are made primarily of renewable wood pulp.  In other words, thumbs up mother Earth. She’s the only one we’ve got. If you have questions or want more info on the wide world of Biotre, give us a holler

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