Careers at Stumptown

Who We Are


We work hard. We make lots of jokes. We cheers beers, ride bikes together, go to shows and trade dogsitting favors. We have tremendous amounts of respect for each other and for what we do. Stumptown is a family on an elemental level. Many of us are artists, musicians, creative types, and passionate types. It helps our coffee taste better and it makes our work lives richer.

And we drink the best office coffee on the planet.


Some of us came because we were regulars. The baristas knew our drinks and were having a whole helluva lot more fun than the jobs we had. Some came because of the coffee. Some of us were home roasters, or worked for other coffee companies across the country. Came for a chance to work with the best green coffee in the world.

Some came because our best friends worked here. Most became best friends with our coworkers, because they also happened to be some of the best, most interesting people around.

We all came because we wanted to be here. A grip of us have been here for over a decade. We’ve outgrown our first employee holiday dinners, squeezed in the backroom of a cozy Italian family restaurant in Southeast Portland. We’ve leapt across the country. Went Dutch for a summer. But our holiday parties still rage.

We are passionate group of folks, some might even say obsessive. No matter which team we’re on, we’re sourcing, roasting, tasting, testing, practicing and pushing ourselves to do it better.

Teams and Roles

We know we are the last link of a long chain, stretching across the earth, made up of hundreds of people and years of toil, soil and sweat to get this coffee into our hands. We take that responsibility very seriously. And we also have a lot of fun.

Finance, IT and People

We’ve got a team of talented folks who do much more than bean-counting. We rely on them for all the heavy lifting behind the scenes to keep the business running smoothly, and create efficient systems to support our day-to-day operations and growth. They are also the wi-fi wizards and keepers of the candy drawer, so they are super important in lots of ways.

​Coffee Sourcing and Roasting

Our Coffee Sourcing team travels to the ends of the earth to establish long term and sustainable relationships with incredible coffee producers. These folks work on the ground with producers so that the coffee quality can continue to improve year after year. Our Quality Control, Quality Assurance and Roasting teams take it from there, ensuring that the integrity of that amazing coffee shines through once it lands in our hands.

Creative and Marketing

Stumptown runs on creative energy (and coffee, obviously) and the Creative and Marketing team helps us wrangle it. Our in-house team is responsible for everything from illustrations on mugs and packaging design, to signage, communications, and throwing rad events with our friends and partners. If you ever see weird drawings, gifs, or photoshopped snaps of Ozzy Osbourne holding a Cold Brew stubby, that’s all them.


Our tight knit production crew takes pride in scooping, hand-carding, and folding every bag before we send it out into the world, whether it’s headed to a favorite cafe, restaurant, grocery store, or your doorstep. Our Cold Brew production team brews, bottles and delivers everyone’s favorite pick-me-up. Look out for these guys on the road–they are hauling precious cargo.

Education and Service

By the time our coffee reaches the hopper or the Chemex, it has traveled far and wide and been through a long journey. Our adept coffee educators make sure we continue to best represent and elevate the experience of drinking Stumptown coffee in our cafes, and in the kitchens and cafes of our wholesale partners. Our service team of espresso techs is on-call 24-hours a day, in case a machine goes haywire at 8 am on a Saturday.


Our cafes are our living rooms, where we strive to let our coffee shine to its full potential. Our baristas spend months learning how to pull the most pristine shot of Hair Bender espresso, and even longer taming the steam wand to master the art of pouring a perfect latte. We undergo continuous education and attend regular tastings, understanding the full spectrum of our coffee menu so we can help you pick out a coffee you’re going to love.


Even though we have big love for the lo-fi days gone by, we’re lit up by the future in our digital realm. Our web team embodies Stumptown’s bright spirit of innovation and strives to offer the best and warmest online experience possible.

Partnerships, Sales and Support

We count ourselves grateful that Stumptown is served in some of the best neighborhood cafes, restaurants and grocery stores across the country. Our partnerships are based on building customized coffee programs and solid relationships. We offer up much more than what’s in the cup. We’re only successful if our partners are, and our sales and support teams go above and beyond to make that happen.

Current Openings


Production Systems Lead, Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA

The Production Systems Lead will be the point person for all things related to NetSuite on our productionteam. This includes the tracking and building of all coffee orders to ensure a proper inventory in NetSuite.

Production Tech, NYC Brooklyn, NY

Support our commitment to exceptional customer service by working closely with the wholesale team, the roasters, customer support group and the Cold Brew crew. Daily duties will include packing and delivering roasted coffee, fulfilling orders, and assisting with general coffee production. Deal with a variety of personalities and departments to ensure that quality standards are being maintained.

Delivery Driver, NY New York, NY

Our Delivery Drivers support our commitment to exceptional customer service by working closely with the wholesale team, the roasters and customer support. This person will transfer roasted coffee and cold brew from our roastery in Brooklyn to our wholesale accounts within the designated territory, and may assist with general production from time to time. This position will be based in Brooklyn and have daily/weekly travel within New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Production Roaster Los Angeles, CA

This position will meet Wholesale and Retail roasted coffee needs by working closely with Green Coffee, Customer Service and Production staff on a daily basis. This is a full-time position, working five days per week. Required workdays may fall on the weekend with consecutive days off.

Partnerships, Sales and Support

Cold Brew Logistics and Replenishment Manager Portland, OR

The Logistics & Replenishment Manager is responsible for the management of outbound Cold Brew Distribution. The role is accountable to profitability surrounding the logistics of Cold Brew nationally. This position will work closely with sales, customer service, Cold Brew production, Stumptown Distribution Centers (DCs) and all third-party Cold Brew distributors to manage inventory, distribution costs, and overall service levels.

Sr. Sales Manager, Northeast Region New York, NY

The Sr. Sales Manager will lead the on-premise sales effort in a burgeoning Stumptown sales market. This position involves targeting, pursuing, and converting new on-premise business across a variety of channels. Working closely with the region’s sales, service and training teams at large, this person will fulfill sales goals by forming lasting relationships with customers in key areas of the assigned region. An independently-driven personality, quick to adopt Stumptown cultural values and cultivate enthusiasm for the brand will flourish in this role.

Sales Representative Seattle, WA

Build and leverage wholesale operations in assigned region. Working as part of the broader regional team, this position involves pursuing new wholesale business across a variety of channels. Work closely with the Senior Sales Manager, our production, training and wholesale teams. This person will also fulfill sales goals by pursuing targeted opportunities in key areas of assigned region.


Barista Portland, OR

Provide exceptional customer service as a Barista in our cafés. Provide a coffee experience for the customer that has never been created before. Make the customer experience unforgettable.

Barista, Ace Hotel New Orleans New Orleans, LA

Provide exceptional customer service as a Barista in our cafés. Provide a coffee experience for the customer that has never been created before. Make the customer experience unforgettable.

Barista, Ace Hotel NYC and W 8th Cafes New York, NY

Provide exceptional customer service as a Barista in our cafés. Provide a coffee experience for the customer that has never been created before. Make the customer experience unforgettable.


Interactive Designer (Freelance) Portland, OR

This is a freelance/project-based position with the potential to grow into a full-time salaried position. Design and deliver a best-in-class interactive experience. We seek someone who can not only help translate the Stumptown brand into a user-focused experience across all digital mediums—mobile, desktop, email, social, and everything in between—but can also help create new ways for flow and function; someone who uses UX/UI, design, and prototyping to tell our story and improve an experience. We’re searching for someone who will always be thinking of smarter, cleaner, and quicker ways to help our customers interact with our products, story and brand.

Education and Service

Field Service Director Portland, OR

Our service team helps keep the gears turning by installing and maintaining our customers' espresso, brewing and draft equipment. The person in this postion will direct and oversee field services and activities for Stumptown nationally. Other responsibilities include planning and developing policies and procedures for onsite installation, testing, maintenance and troubleshooting. Ensuring all field service projects are completed within budget and deadline to meet customers' needs. Relying on extensive experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals. Leading and directing the work of others. A wide degree of creativity and latitude is expected.

Field Service Technician I Los Angeles, CA

Our service team helps keep the gears turning. This position helps to maintain our customers' espresso, brewing and draft equipment and serves to maintain all coffee equipment by scheduling and performing preventative maintenance. Other tasks involve analyzing work orders, planning daily travel schedule, investigating complaints and conducting tests. Schedule and perform preventative maintenance and resolve customer service problems. Build and maintain positive relationships with customers and identify technical versus training issues. Must complete apprenticeship program.

Finance, IT and People

Shipping Lead Los Angeles, CA

This position is an intricate part of the operations team and will be responsible for fulfilling all duties related to Wholesale Shipping. The Shipping Lead will work closely with the Wholesale team, Production crew and office to ensure orders are being fulfilled in a timely manner while maintaining high quality standards. The position is also responsible for ensuring all orders are shipped out accurately and on time.