Alfonso and Karim Tejada Iberico


Rodriguez de Mendoza, Amazonas, Peru

Partnered with Stumptown



Caturra, Yellow Caturra, Bourbon, Pache, Maragogype, and Typica

Processing techniques



1600-1750 Meters

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Peru Timbuyacu

Alfonso and Karim Tejada tend their coffee farm with respect for their natural environment and their eyes on a sustainable future.

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Finca Timbuyacu lies just outside the small town of Rodríguez de Mendoza in the Amazonas region of Northern Peru. The farm is owned and managed by husband and wife team, Alfonso and Karim Tejada. Alfonso and Karim both have deep roots in the region, and started a coffee exporting business together long before they were producers themselves. In 2010, they decided to begin growing coffee organically on a lush plot of land that belonged to Alfonso’s grandmother. Stumptown began purchasing coffee from the Tejadas in 2013, and we continue to be impressed with their dedication to quality and ecologically sustainable production.

Timbuyacu is a Quechua word, timbu roughly translating to source and yaku meaning water. This name references the groundwater spring present on the land. Timbuyacu is a verdant farm with 20 hectares of coffee, separated into lots by variety: typica, caturra, bourbon, catimor, gesha and maragogype. There is an abundance of shade cover throughout the farm, which helps regulate growing conditions and fixes nitrogen into the soil. As an organic-certified farm, the absence of chemical pesticides and herbicides allows birds, butterflies and biodiversity to flourish. But perhaps the most impressive aspect of Timbuyacu is the 50 additional hectares that Alfonso and Karim have protected as a natural reserve. This is land that will remain untouched in an effort to protect the native flora and fauna of the region. The dense forest reserve interspersed throughout the farm also helps regulate the area’s microclimate, including attracting rainfall.

In addition to growing and exporting coffee, the Tejadas also offer educational opportunities for aspiring coffee professionals in their community — from hands on learning experiences at the farm to sensory training at their quality control lab in town. We are proud to partner with these producers who are raising the bar for quality coffee in their region while also preserving their natural environment.