Marvin Robles


Tarrazú, Costa Rica

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Bourbon and Caturra

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1500 - 1650 Meters

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Costa Rica Marvin Robles

We are fortunate to purchase Marvin Robles’ entire production of coffee, which is expertly grown and processed right in his backyard.

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Marvin Robles is a smallholder coffee producer who lives and farms coffee outside of Frailes, a small town in Costa Rica’s renowned Tarrazú region. Marvin’s two acre farm is named Juan Pablo, after his son. The surrounding hillsides are dotted with family-owned coffee farms growing alongside lush, high-altitude forest.

In 2009, after many years of sending his coffee cherry to the local cooperative to be mixed in with hundreds of other coffees, Marvin decided to start milling coffee cherry on his own. As an artisan, Marvin is focused on care and commitment to quality. We are proud to purchase Marvin’s entire production.

Marvin grows and nurtures his coffee trees on the beautiful, verdant slope behind his house. All processing happens in his tidy garage, with a hand-cranked micromill that has a small engine attached to use when his arms get too tired. Finally, he dries the coffee on raised drying beds he’s built into the hillside and in his front yard. It’s all stored in his guest bedroom until it’s ready for export. Marvin has experimented with different processing techniques over the years, and his current approach is a combination of traditional washed and honey processes. The resulting cup is unique and a true reflection of his artisanship.