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Hair Bender$15

Hair Bender relies on coffees from Latin America, Indonesia, and Africa to achieve a complex flavor profile with notes of sweet citrus, dark chocolate, and raisin.

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Holler Mountain$16

This organic blend has been a hometown favorite since day one. It’s got the complexity to pour a great espresso yet the versatility to serve as your daily cup of drip.

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Roaster's Pick$20

Semillero was the first plot of land that producer Luis Pedro Zelaya bought after graduating as an agronomist. It was originally intended as a seed farm, but as time went on Luis Pedro’s experiments produced more and more exquisite coffees.

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House Blend$15

House Blend balances chocolate, fruit, and nougat sweetness into a floral and complex blend. It’s the lightest of our blend lineup and roasted to brew a juicy and layered cup.

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French Roast$16

We roast this offering to expand on its inherent flavor by pulling out toasted and malty notes for a darker, yet classic cup. This toasty, organic blend redefines what a classic dark roast can be.

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Trapper Creek Decaf$16

Finally, a decaf that holds its own. A cup limited in caffeine, but not in flavor—Trapper Creek is sweet and full-bodied, with notes of cocoa, graham, and dried fruit.