House Blend

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Our House Blend bag has officially been retired and replaced with Homestead! House Blend and Homestead are favs around here — in part because they’re so exceptionally similar — blended from many of the same components.


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The Flavor Profile

Tasting Notes

House Blend balances chocolate, fruit, and nougat sweetness into a floral and complex blend.

  • Vibrant

  • Candied Fruit

  • Milk Chocolate

How To Brew

The Story

Carefully balanced using some of the world’s finest Latin American and East African coffees, this blend’s components rotate as the seasons do so it's always at the height of its potential. House Blend is a combination of two Direct Trade coffees that showcase the work of our producer partners and the unique profiles of their origins.

It’s the lightest of our blend lineup and roasted to brew a juicy and layered cup.

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