Indonesia Muhtar


Ever since meeting Muhtar and trying his coffee in 2014, we’ve offered this exceptional producer’s crop as a mirco-lot from Sumatra.


The Flavor Profile

A syrupy body with notes of bittersweet cacao, black currant and clove.

  • Cacao

  • Clove

  • Black Currant

How To Brew

The Story

Muhtar is a member of the Ketiara cooperative in northern Sumatra. His farm is lush and immaculately kept, as Muhtar tends to the needs of each coffee tree individually.

Muhtar is out on his farm every day, making sure to visit each tree at least twice a week. Muhtar prunes his coffee trees to allow for maximum airflow and sunlight distribution to each part of the plant, and adjusts his pruning regimen to maintain balanced production, since plants pruned most recently will produce less in the short term. After the coffee is harvested, Muhtar processes his lots using a method called wet-hulling, which is traditional to the region.

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