Kenya Karimikui

Kenya Karimikui


A coffee like this doesn’t come along every day. This brilliant and sweet cup is one to be sipped slowly and savored.

Whole Bean, 12 ounces

Limited-edition box

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Syrupy sweetness envelops a lush cup bursting with honeydew and fig, accented by apricot.

Across Kenya, coffee harvests have yielded lower-than-average quantities, increasing both demand and scarcity. Despite this, we're proud to offer up this luxurious cup. Kenya produces some of the world's highest-quality coffee, a fact exemplified by this stunning Grand Cru lot.

For a coffee to qualify as Grand Cru, it must taste like one of the most succulently sweet and thoughtfully complex coffees we've ever had the pleasure of drinking — this one hits all the marks.

Produced in the foothills of Mount Kenya in Kirinyaga County, the Karimikui Factory meticulously washes their coffee with fresh water from the nearby Kii river, followed by sun drying on raised beds. To create an exquisite coffee like this takes years of tenacious effort, dedication and pristine growing conditions. We think you'll enjoy it as much as we do.