Wayfinder Camp Kit

Wayfinder Camp Kit


Camp Journal, 07/17/18: We wake early, our makeshift camp in the morning shadows of a great mountain. Surrounded by miles of untouched wilderness, sleep still in our eyes, we can all agree that a fresh cup of hot coffee on a crisp summer morning is one the great joys of existence.


Includes everything pictured

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Top-shelf camp coffee, anywhere

Featuring premium titanium and aluminium gear, housed in a tidy custom bag, this mighty camp kit is just about everything you need to find your way to great coffee, no matter how far off the beaten path you may be.

  • Titanium double walled camp cup, burner, foldable spoon and dripper from SOTO
  • Custom bag from Swift Industries
  • Custom Stumptown bandana
  • Includes 40 filters
  • Fuel not included
  • Supports multiple fuel canisters (we're a fan of these)
  • Limited to 100 units