Fresh Stumptown delivered to your door every two weeks. Change or cancel anytime. Shipping is free and subscriptions start at $11 per shipment.

Fresh beans in your mailbox

What magic is this? How does it work? Scroll on and all will be answered.


Choose your coffee

Want to try our bestseller, Hair Bender? The organic aromas of Holler Mountain? Whatever our roasters are really into? You can either choose your favorite blend OR subscribe to the Roaster’s Pick, which means getting to try different, delicious coffees every two weeks. Don’t worry if you don’t know yet. Life is full of questions, but in this case we have answers.


We roast and ship

This is your coffee, and it will be roasted and shipped to you every other Monday, so you will always have the freshest, best coffee. They’ll come to you as whole beans so as not to lose a single bit of flavor. Every now and again, we humans are lucky and life is kind to us. This is one such instance.

Still not sure?

Try it for free

We are absolutely positive that life is better when fresh coffee comes to you. See for yourself. Get a free sample two-ounce bag of Hair Bender on us. After that, the fresh coffee will be on you, unless you tell us you don’t want it. But we’re pretty sure you will.

Are you ready for a beautiful future of fresh, frequent coffee?