Guatemala Finca El Injerto Pacamara

Guatemala Finca El Injerto Pacamara


An exemplary vision of a unique coffee varietal. Drink it when there’s something to celebrate.

Whole Bean

12 ounces

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Elegant floral aromas, possessing the depth and sweetness of caramelized sugars and dried fruit and a velvet, viscous mouthfeel.

The Pacamara varietal is a unique hybrid originating in the coffee lands of El Salvador. It’s best known for its large bean size, extraordinary mouthfeel and singular cup quality.

This coffee is grown and processed by the Aguirres, a father and son team who run the best coffee-growing operation in Guatemala – and one of the top five in the world. The Aguirres set the bar in the world of coffee. We come to them for their impeccably balanced, complex and sweet coffee that hits all the right notes. Their farm Finca El Injerto wins Guatemala’s Cup of Excellence award year after year.