Hundred Mile

$17.00/ Shipment

Hundred Mile is a pleasant, balanced blend of certified organic coffees that will cut a clean line right through your day, no matter what time you get things started.


The Flavor Profile

Tasting Notes

Sweet and hearty with notes of jam & toffee.

  • Apple Jam

  • Toffee

How To Brew

The Story

Hundred Mile is a sweet and hearty blend comprised of certified organic coffees sourced primarily from East Africa and Central and South America for a robust flavor profile that's sure to take you the distance, even if that's just from the kitchen to the couch.

The fully washed coffees from Central and South America add fruit notes and deep layers of toffee-like sweetness to the blend; while the East African coffees bring in soft floral aromatics for an uplifting blend that as a whole is the wonderful sum of its parts.

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