Stop! Caffeinate and Listen: Rwanda Huye Mountain

Jan 15, 2018

We always look forward to the month of January when Rwanda Huye Mountain comes in to season. These winter mornings start lazy and low, but once we’re brewin' up a cup of this bad boy- the day is on.

The experience of sipping Huye Mountain always sticks with us because it’s the best example of a classic Rwandan coffee. It's been a Stumptown Family favorite since we first roasted it in 2007, with each harvest bringing the magic we always associate with this region. We love it brewed as a Chemex, which brings out notes of dark chocolate, stone fruit, citrus zest, and baking spice. Learn how to brew your best Chemex here.

Here’s some jams to nod along to as you fill your loving cup with this month’s favorite brew.


Learn more about Rwanda Huye Mountain here and try it as our featured single origin espresso at our Ace Hotel Portland, Los Angeles Arts District, and New York Greenwich Village cafes.