Stumptown Skate Team

Feb 20, 2019

Say Hello To The Stumptown Skate Team

In late 2018, Stumptown Coffee Roasters became a certified B Corporation. We’re proud to join the ranks of companies across 50 countries that have committed to environmental and social responsibility. We’ve always invested a lot of resources in company culture and community; as we grow, we’re proud to be able to highlight what has always made Stumptown so special on a bigger stage. We’ve counted skateboarding diehards in our ranks since day one, and this year we were able to make the leap and sponsor our first-ever pro skate team, under the advisement of an internal committee of lifelong shredders. We’re stoked for you to meet them, as we celebrate our community of skateboarding fanatics.

We’re stoked for you to see our newest film, Breaking The Crust. Featuring the members of the Stumptown Skate Team, and a few other familiar faces, it’s an homage to our favorite skate videos from over the years that inspire us. Stay tuned - The full film comes out in March!

Coffee Talk

Coffee: Skate Team

(Caravela / Colombia El Jordan)

Varietal: Caturra, Typica and Colombia

Location: Department of Tolima

Elevation: 1500-1800 Meters


Our Skate Team coffee is the product of multiple small-scale family farmers from Colombia’s El Jordan group, based in the department of Tolima. Each family cultivates, harvests, and processes their own coffee. Our Skate Team offering is a brilliant example of Colombian coffee -- a crisp and juicy cup, highly layered with notes of candied apple. Skate Team is sweet, balanced, and extremely versatile.

Caravela was our initial inspiration for pursuing certification as a B Corporation -- they have been certified as a B Corp since 2014 and are consistently rated among the highest-achieving B Corps in the world. Caravela is one of Stumptown’s longest-standing export and import partners and has been integral in building Stumptown’s strong relationships with the producers who brought us this coffee. Caravela provides technical assistance, training, and quality feedback to coffee growers, and employs members of coffee-growing communities in several capacities, which has helped to build more sustainable local agricultural economies.

Since we began partnering with Caravela, our two companies have been able to work with coffee growing communities in this remote region of Colombia to improve coffee quality, raise coffee prices paid to growers, reduce barriers to the more lucrative specialty coffee market, and in turn improve the profits and financial stability of individual farm owners. One of the major tenets of our Direct Trade coffee sourcing practices is to enter into long-term agreements with producers. This helps to ensure both a reliable supply of high-quality green coffee for us, as well as a reliable income for the producers. As one producer from the El Jordan group noted in a recent impact report, "... I began selling coffee to Caravela, from whom I received good prices. I started to organize my farm better, because my economic situation improved 100%. I improved my house, warehouses, coffee drying, education for my children. I planted more coffee because I think it is the best way to give myself a life with dignity.”