Flower of Flowers

Earlier this year we traveled with new friends from different creative backgrounds to Antigua, Guatemala. We explored this renowned region and learned how climate change continues to impact coffee farming.

Flower of Flowers is a film about coffee, climate change, and the beautiful nuances within the communities of Antigua. With pro skateboarders Ray Barbee and Rick McCrank, artist Lori Damiano, and Stumptown’s legendary Quality Assurance manager, Jim Kelso, we document and explore the struggles of coffee producers in Central America due to the ever-fluctuating weather patterns through the lens of art, movement, and music.

All proceeds from ticket sales of our *Flower of Flowers* will go toward establishing a scholarship for a Guatemalan student to attend EARTH University, a non-profit university that invests in its students – predominantly from Latin America – helping them work to become leaders of positive socio-economic and environmental change for their home countries.