Meet the Maker: Wood & Faulk

Matt and his team of stitch-and-leather magic makers shared the vision of the perfect travel bag, made with ingredients of the finest quality that will age gracefully through a lifetime of well-traveled coffee cups.

Wood & Faulk aims to source US-made materials as often as possible – for our bags, they chose Martexin canvas from Fairfield Textile in New Jersey, a heavy-weight, hard-wearing and water repellent material. The leather straps are made from English bridle leather from one of the finest vegetable tanneries in the world, operating for more than 140 years out of Pennsylvania.

We stopped by his Eastside Industrial Portland studio to see where the magic happens. 

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Matt explains his design approach for this project: “One thing we wanted was a compact shape that was easy to pack. Ease of use and reliability were also a must. Do we have conventional handles? We found them unnecessary, especially if you were packing this bag into another bag. After playing with other solutions, the single strap handle was the answer. It keeps the bag compact, but easy to grab. Squares up the bag shape too, so easy to pack and holds your coffee goods securely. After working with Stumptown on the design, we love the final solution.”

We love it too, Matt.